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tvpassiton's Journal

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» Welcome!Welcome to TVpassiton an icon community for a constant theme of pass-it-on goodness.
Some of you may have come from bsgpassiton, which was our orginal community. If you want to see what happens, please check it out if you like.
Basically we pick a theme, and a way to pass it on. The common one is to pass on caps, so the first person makes and icon, then give the cap for the next icon. Other ways to do it episodic, so you post icons in order of episodes. And there are others like rainbow icons etc...

» rules
1. We encourage newbies. If you want to start icon making, or don't have a lot of experience, or just don't like "competing" this is the place for you. We also like everyone to respect each other.

2. You can never post two icons in a row. someone else must post between your two icons.

3. please remember to tag your posts

4. have fun!!! and don't be afraid to get a little crazy.

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